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Education and Training Resources From Universal Waste Systems

In cooperation with the City of Los Angeles, we have created a variety of education and training materials to help your business maximize the amount of waste diverted from landfills. All of the materials listed here can be downloaded. Please contact a member of our Zero Waste Team if you have any questions or need assistance.

  1. Welcome Packet - English
  2. Welcome Packet - Spanish
  3. City of Los Angeles Organics Recycling Statement
  4. Spring 2023 Newsletter
  5. Winter 2022 Newsletter
  6. Autumn 2022 Newsletter
  7. Summer 2022 Newsletter
  8. Recycling Guides for Your Business - in 13 languages
  9. Posters and Door Hangers
  10. Food Donation Guide
  11. Our Food Rescue Partners
  12. More Resources
Customer Service: For all customer service requests, contact the City of Los Angeles Customer Care Center at 800-773-2489, or file a customer service request online by clicking here.

A Zero Waste Franchise Program
for Northeast Los Angeles

Zero Waste LA is a public/private partnership to benefit the businesses, consumers, and residents in the city. With this partnership, the City of Los Angeles launched a franchise program with well-qualified waste collection and recycling companies designated to serve each of the 11 franchise zones in the city. For the Northeast franchise zone, the city has selected Universal Waste Systems to be your zero waste company.

recycLA Program Goal:
By 2025, reduce the amount of waste sent to Landfills
by 1 million tons per year
The City of LA disposes three million tons of waste annually. It’s time for a change.

Area landfills are increasingly overwhelmed by trash from the city’s businesses, consumers, and residents. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of trash in landfills throughout the country has tripled since the 1960s. If this rate of increase is allowed to continue, the results could be devastating to both the environment and the ecosystem.
The seriousness of this situation is what prompted the City of Los Angeles to establish the Zero Waste LA Franchise system. Under the terms of this system, each of the franchisees must meet specific reporting requirements and maintain a prescribed set of environmental, community, service, and rate standards. They must also provide:

  • Clean-fuel, low-emission vehicles
  • Efficient truck routing
  • Enhanced recycling options
  • Improved customer service

In observance of Thanksgiving Day, UWS will be closed on November 23, 2023. Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, and Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday. Please contact LASAN 1-800-773-2489 to arrange for alternate collections if necessary.

About Universal Waste Systems
Founded in 1986, Universal Waste Systems (UWS) provides solid waste and recycling services to residences and commercial businesses throughout Southern California. We are one of the largest family owned and operated companies in the area, and we take pride in delivering the personalized service that our customers want and deserve. Our six facilities throughout Southern California handle the collection, processing, and transfer of more than 250,000 tons of solid waste, recycling, and green waste each year. With an eye on the future, our mission is to provide innovative waste-stream solutions that will contribute to a clean and healthy environment for the communities we serve for generations to come.

Hear Universal’s Zero Waste account representatives explain how you can help improve LA’s quality of life by participating in this innovative program.

If you haven't yet heard from a Zero Waste representative, one will be contacting you soon.