Education and Training Resources From Universal Waste Systems

In cooperation with the City of Los Angeles, we have created a variety of education and training materials to help your business maximize the amount of waste diverted from landfills. All of the materials listed here can be downloaded. Please contact a member of our Zero Waste Team if you have any questions or need assistance.

  1. Welcome Packet - English
  2. Welcome Packet - Spanish
  3. Our Latest Newsletter
  4. Food Donation Guide
  5. Food Rescue Partners
  6. Flatten Boxes Decal
  7. Door Hanger - English
  8. Door Hanger - Spanish
  9. Organics Recycling
  10. Please Recycle Poster
  11. Time To Recycle - English & Spanish
  12. Recycling Presentation
Recycling Information for Your Business

Please use one of the following links to download the latest information in the language of your choice on how to increase recycling at your business, apartment, or condo.

View our latest training video on YouTube

Where Does Your Recycling Go?

Customer Service: For all customer service requests, contact the City of Los Angeles Customer Care Center at 800-773-2489, or file a customer service request online by clicking here.